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“Her recital, as song recitals in English-speaking countries are called, was created by Angela Vallone with great virtuosity, a discreetly charming appearance and a varied program in French (Debussy), German (Schubert and Schumann) and Finnish (Sibelius). She presented it elegantly in a glittering vintage pink armless gown, multi-faceted, with a lot of self-confidence and free from out-of-place notes. The glitter of the dress sparkling in the play of the setting sun was also reflected in her noble-looking expression.”

Vallone sang with "extraordinary virtuosity and elegance."



"Vallone joined the Durham Symphony in a dazzling performance of Susanna's fourth act love song, "Deh vieni, non tardar" from The Marriage of Figaro. Her voice had a heart-melting velvet quality, smooth and sweet, and refreshing as a drink from a cool mountain stream."

"Vallone returned to the stage to sing "O mio babbino caro". The full range of the soprano voice is called for in this beautiful little gem; from pianissimo to fortissimo, from lower register to upper, our young soloist accomplished it all with the confidence of a seasoned singer."


Angela Vallone was the "clear show-stopper...singing with a full, direct sound and supple phrasing."



"Vallone’s supple, bell-like soprano was a “particular delight”.


"In the large cast, who most stood out were the female voices. The American soprano Angela Vallone was a vivacious Susanna, as charming and attractive as the role demands. Her beautiful voice was at the service of lyricism and expressivity."



"Angela Vallone as Susanna was splendid.  Her affinity for the role was perfect, with a very attractive timbre and carrying power."